The Code

  • We don’t have to see eye to eye before we can show compassion. We don’t have to approve of a life choice in order to give love. We don’t have to agree with one another before we can offer support and show kindness–which is why we’re taking it back to the old school with SOS’ Golden Rule: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. It truly is that simple. In this new-age cyber world of opinions, judgments, and trolling, let’s work together to bridge the gap and show support. If you can’t play nice, there are plenty of other communities you can join – this is not one of them.
  • If you’re here, if you’re joining our community, that means you’re hanging your judgments at the door. Some of these are heavy secrets. Some secrets will strike a chord within you. Some secrets will feel personal. But please remember SOS is not a place to lash out – this is not a place to be aggressive or defensive. There are positive ways to disagree and our hope is to build a community with a healthy dialogue about the topics that touch our core. The moment we stop showing compassion is the moment this stops being a safe place.
  • Part of sharing your secret is to connect with others that may share your experience or learn from your past. We have found that inappropriate or vulgar language can shut people off from the heart of a story. We want your shares to be powerful and well received. For that reason, the use of offensive language will not be tolerated. This goes for both sharing and commenting on other shares. Any violation of this rule will be subject for immediate removal and possible termination of membership.
  • We love you guys, we really do. And we feel confident that every woman here has a passion and profession outside of The Sisterhood. With that being said, we must ask that there be no self-promotion or cross promotion of any kind when signed into SOS. With the exception of approved advertisements and services, we must legally ask that no outside service or link be shared due to the sensitive content of our community. If you feel you have an outside service to share that may be beneficial to our community, please contact us here for further information.
  • On the same note – NO SPAM. And we’re not just talking about the canned stuff. Any spam whatsoever will be grounds for immediate removal.
  • Unless you want one of us showing up at your front door and/or texting you at odd hours of the night – let’s refrain from sharing our personal information with one another. As stated in our Terms of Service, SOS is not responsible for the information you choose to share when private messaging another member but we will go on record here and say we strongly advise you think twice before you do. Since this is a safe place to share your secrets, we want this safety to be felt on the whole. We work hard to protect you so please do the same for yourself and don’t publically post or share any private or personal information. Be safe, ladies.
  • When in doubt, please refer to our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to moderate and take action on any violations of The Code, Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Sisterhood of Secrets has the right to terminate and ban any member, for any reason, at any time.