I got married at 16 and I'm now 19. My husband is great. But most nights I think about what could have happened with another boy I liked when I got engaged at 14. I can't help it. ... read more

It was in the 1969. I was 6. I didn't know what gay was but I knew that I liked girls. I grew up knowing but did everything I could to hide and ignore how I felt. I dated guys but ... read more

I'm overweight and super body conscious, my father in law likes to make jokes about overweight girls with "thunder thighs" and wonder how they get into their cars. My husband joins ... read more

I'm afraid to tell any of my family I've dated girls, or that I want to be with one. I'm married and my husband knows I like girls.. He doesn't know I miss them. I'm afraid ill ... read more

I've been happily married 12 years. I have a wonderful husband who makes me very happy, is a good father to our children, and basically is my soul mate. For some reason, I've had a ... read more

I pull out my own hair and eat the root. I used to have hip length hair and even then I pulled it out at the scalp on top. It was easy to cover up. The rest of my hair was amazing ... read more

A group of girlfriends and I thought it would be fun to randomly go to a strip club, where we found out a girl in our group was a former stripper- she jumped up and showed us her ... read more

When I was younger my parents got divorced and my mom remarried 3 times after my dad. I used to ignore my little brother and spend more time with my step siblings in an effort to ... read more

I'm not afraid of dying. Im afraid of not mattering. I want to make a difference and do something wonderful, but I'm afraid I'll never have the opportunity and that I'll die and no ... read more

I'm pregnant with my first, and everyone in my family pressures me to be more active in our faith because of it. They act like I'll be a crappy mom unless I'm living like they do. ... read more

I'm 22 and I haven't seen or spoken to my father since the 6th grade. I have a fear that'll run into him someday when I least expect it and I won't know what to do/say. ... read more