I got married at 16 and I'm now 19. My husband is great. But most nights I think about what could have happened with another boy I liked when I got engaged at 14. I can't help it. ... read more

i have done, what i consider to be, some pretty bad things in my life, to people i care about, and some don't even know it. i have learned a lot from my mistakes. they have made me ... read more

I'm twenty years old. I'm a lover of yoga, books, and peppermint tea. My favorite color is purple and I love butterflies. I believe in knock-knock jokes and the beauty of sunsets. ... read more

I regret moving in with my in laws. My boyfriend bought this house with his parents and I hate being here with them and the in laws 2 (adult) kids. I want to go live with my mother ... read more

10 years ago, My friends and I OD'd on pills. I passed out, hit my head and had a grand mal seizure. We were not old enough to drive yet and my parents had to come and get me and ... read more