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via I wasn't sure if I could even contribute a piece to this wonderful community called Sisterhood of Secrets. You see- I don't have any secrets at all. Seriously. I lay it ALL ... read more

I hate postpartum and the emotions involved. I love my child and don't regret bringing him into the world. Ever. But this being my first child, I often look back at my life before ... read more

My husband has been newly diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. He also has depression, anxiety, PTSD. He is either down, angry, or checked out. If he's in a good mood it is ... read more

I deal with depression. I deal with anxiety. I deal with keeping this a secret and trying to handle life through it. I pride myself on letting people see me as all put together. ... read more

A secret I've kept inside, even from my life long best friends and my husband, is that my mom battles depression. When I was in grade 3 she attempted suicide. I have no ... read more