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via I wasn't sure if I could even contribute a piece to this wonderful community called Sisterhood of Secrets. You see- I don't have any secrets at all. Seriously. I lay it ALL ... read more

I have a FEAR of going to the movies alone. I have a FEAR of sitting in the center of a restaurant. I have a FEAR of speaking in public. I have a FEAR of going outside of my ... read more

I was abused by my oldest sister for most of my childhood and teenage years. My sister. The person I should be able to count on to love and protect me. Instead, I got years of ... read more

My husband has been newly diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. He also has depression, anxiety, PTSD. He is either down, angry, or checked out. If he's in a good mood it is ... read more

I deal with depression. I deal with anxiety. I deal with keeping this a secret and trying to handle life through it. I pride myself on letting people see me as all put together. ... read more

Most days I feel so overwhelmed by life that I can't breathe. It feels like I always have a lump in my throat. And I feel like everyone expects me to be strong. I don't know how ... read more