I year ago today I was in the worst place of my life. I was severely depressed, was having tons of panic attacks, and had severe harm OCD(This means I was afraid of hurting someone ... read more

My husband hasn't touched me sexually in almost two years. More recently he's been insulting me in very mean ways. I think I stay with him because we have two very young children ... read more

I can't cook rice to save my life. I either burn it or overcook the crap out of it. I hope when I become a grown up I will figure out how to cook rice. PS- I am 41. ... read more

Many years ago, my best friend had ask me to watch her precious dog (aka my grandson) in her apartment while she was away for the weekend. I gladly agreed and assured her that ... read more

Chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, reality shows, 35 other various TV shows, reuben sandwiches with extra thousand island dressing, facials, massages, work. I love and partake in ... read more


As told by Lacey: Remember that time we announced to the world that Sisterhood of Secrets was back and then it wasn’t? That we would be launching the new site in the summer of ... read more

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via I wasn't sure if I could even contribute a piece to this wonderful community called Sisterhood of Secrets. You see- I don't have any secrets at all. Seriously. I lay it ALL ... read more

After all these years, I cannot understand that after you date raped me, you texted, "please don't contact me again." It hasn't stopped hurting. ... read more

Me and my siblings would spend the night at my grandparents, on my dad's side. It was usually the 3 youngest out of the 6 kids. I can't remember the details but I recall my parents ... read more

When my daughter was 15 months old, we had switched her to a different daycare. We loved the daycare she had been going to since she was an infant, but we just could not afford it ... read more