I’ve lost my password. How can I reset it?

It’s a simple mistake. We all do it. We can email a temporary password to the email address you used to register for the account by clicking here. An email will be sent with your temporary password.

Can I edit or delete my secret once it’s been published?

Once published, secrets cannot be edited or deleted.

How many secrets can I share?

We all have many secrets and we encourage you to share as many as you wish. We don’t limit the amount of secrets you can share.

How do I submit a secret or post a comment?

You must register and become a member in order to share a secret and/or post comments. You can register here, or if you are already a member and logged in, you can share your secret here.

Can I post a secret or comment anonymously?

Yes.  As you register you will be asked to create a username.  This username will be made public with each secret or comment posted.

Can I private message another user?

Yes, after you register you can private message another registered user by going to your account.  Simply click on the messages tab where you can send a private message as well as view inbox messages or track previous messages.  You can private message more than one registered user (kind of like group texting).

Can I delete my account and/or secrets?

Yes, you can delete your account but it will NOT delete your published secrets.  You must send us an email to submit@sisterhoodofsecrets.com and we will delete your account.