Second Time

It was my second time having sex. He came and I asked if he came inside me and he said no. Found out the next day that he had come. Now I have to deal with his lie three days later. If he would have told me the truth I could have jumped on preventions. I took Plan B and had to tell myself I was not aborting anything. I am only 21, not in a stable relationship, and not ready to be a mom, even though I do want to be. I have told the dad that he does not have to stick around if he does not want to. I am strong I can do it on my own. I am already planning on researching how to run through a pregnancy and keep my fitness up. I couldn’t drink coffee, my favorite drink, and I cannot have alcohol. My brain is running none stop with everything that I have to do and plan for and I do not even know if I am actually pregnant. I am supposed to start my period next week. That will be the tell all. I am so nervous and impatient. I just wanna know if I will be a mom or not. “What if’s” are flooding my mind and it is taking all I can to focus on work and my daily life.

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  1. says

    Sorry you’re going through this, but take a pregnancy test even if your period comes. Just to make sure.


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