Feeding my 10 wk old

I feel extreme guilt that I couldn’t make breastfeeding work with my 10 wk old son. Now I’m pumping and he drinks out of a bottle. He is really gassy, which I can’t help but think it’s because of the air he swallows while feeding. I feel so badly for him because he’s in pain. At my first pediatrician appt with my son, his doctor was quick to tell me that breastfed babies have less gas and discomfort. This makes me feel like it’s all my fault. Plus I’m afraid to take him anywhere, especially church, where I might have to feed him and others might know I’m not breastfeeding. Everyone there seems to be able to happily breastfeed but me :(

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    Your baby loves you and needs your love and comfort. Formula or breast the nutrition is enough for him to grow healthy and strong. You are him Momma and everything you do try your best and forget everything in between because to him you are perfect and that is all that matters. Breastfeeding is a blessing but comes with similar concerns and frustrations. I had to supplement because my baby wasn’t getting enough, and therefore in the failure to thrive group. I am so grateful that formula kept my baby full and happy, increasing her weight and strength! I haven’t noticed any huge differences between her compared to my other two who were breastfed babies. My first struggled with gas terribly while

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    … breastfeeding, and as hard as it was to see him in pain it passed with time; tummy sleeping and rubbing and pumping his legs all helped but not monumentally. I tried changing my diet because I thought that was affecting it. But it never really got better. But with each new stage it dissipated and he grew older and loved solids eventually and I have never given it much thought since. I think your doing great mommy! Be proud of your boy and you!