Better for my son

My husband and I have been together for about 5 and a half years and married for 1 and a half of those years. He’s a great man… When he wants to be. We had some issues in the past with abuse but things seem to have gotten better. I was never hit anymore when we would argue so in my eyes I felt he was improving. We now have a beautiful baby boy who is 7 months. Our arguing has picked up and some of the abuse has returned. Part of me feels staying is not the answer. But never in a million years did I think I would have to go through this or even consider raising my son as a single parent. That’s not a life I want for my son I want him to have the loving parents he deserves and the best family possible. But I also think that me staying is not helping him either. I don’t want my son to become accustom to that lifestyle and think what his dad does is okay. Part of me still thinks he will change but I don’t know if it’s worth waiting around and finding out. He can be so sweet and caring but once he gets beyond his limit of anger it’s like run and hide. What to do? What to do? All I want is to be there for my son and be the mom he looks up to, but would leaving his father make him hate me when he gets older. Decisions decisions..

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    Abuse is not loving behaviour. You are a good mom, considering your son first, but abuse begins small and escalates. You might be putting your son in danger in the future by staying. If your husband, who I don’t doubt has wonderful characteristics too, can’t control his anger now, what is going to change? Kids get harder, more demanding, and one day it could be your son who gets on the wrong side of him. Please put yours and your son’s safety first. This IS the right choice.