A Bestfriend always a Bestfriend?

My bestfriend and I were inseparatable. We told each other everything and made each other laugh harder than anyone else could. We peed in front of each other and sang in the car with one another. One night, my “best friend” hurt me. With her words. She conceived up the idea that I wanted her boyfriend. I absolutely do not. I have my own. She used mean words and hurt me over text messages and stopped talking to my face, only behind my back. Rumors fled. I did not reply to her mean words, I only read them and listened to them. They made me cry. I still loved her even after the evil things she told me and accused me of, but I knew she could not possibly be a true friend if she were doing this to me. This was three months ago, and the other day she text messaged me asking if I could ever gather up enough love in my heart to forgive her. She wants to get-together and talk. How do you forgive someone who hurt you so much? But I still love her. So here, I am stuck.

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