It was my second time having sex. He came and I asked if he came inside me and he said no. Found out the next day that he had come. Now I have to deal with his lie three days ... read more

You call me "smart"... All I hear is "fat", "ugly", and someone not worth more than copied homework or answers to a test ... read more

I have children one of them is gay! My husband doesn't least I don't think he does. I don't know how to tell him. My child is sweet, loving and a good person. One of ... read more

I am struggling with severe depression. Most people don't know because I am able to still go to work and at church I pretend everything is fine. But inside I am dying. I feel so ... read more

I'm a hopeless romantic to the core. I'm a serial monogamous. I don't do short relationships and only give some real effort if I can see it lasting long term. I've had 3 long term ... read more

I just recently graduated from college with my Bachelors and am working two part time jobs. So many people want to know when I will find a full time one. To them I say that I have ... read more

Every wakeing moment of the day when my mother and i argue i throw so many trumpets that our home ks a haven of hatred and missguided affection. Love has no place and the empty ... read more

I will be learning soon if I have the debilitating genetic condition that my mother has. I am terrified of finding out because there are no real treatment options nor any cures. I ... read more

I have tried. Really I have, but the truth is I can't stand my stepchildren. They are spoiled, narcissistic brats. And my husband of 12 years gives in to their every demand because ... read more

My kids don't have a grandmother. It hurts the depths of my heart to think about what my kids are missing. My mother is alive and not necessarily well. She was diagnosed bipolar ... read more

My husband and I have been together for about 5 and a half years and married for 1 and a half of those years. He's a great man... When he wants to be. We had some issues in the ... read more

I have lost one of my best friends forever. Death is such a weird sad thing to go through. It just seems so unfair but its so REAL. Sometimes I don't want to get sad, mad or even ... read more