I can't cook rice to save my life. I either burn it or overcook the crap out of it. I hope when I become a grown up I will figure out how to cook rice. PS- I am 41. ... read more

Many years ago, my best friend had ask me to watch her precious dog (aka my grandson) in her apartment while she was away for the weekend. I gladly agreed and assured her that ... read more

Chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, reality shows, 35 other various TV shows, reuben sandwiches with extra thousand island dressing, facials, massages, work. I love and partake in ... read more

I want to spend my life baking cookies. There are other things i love to do, crochet, garden, but baking cookies is how i want to spend my days. I take care of my 85 year old ... read more

There are days I sleep in, nap, read, ponder and fill my empty mind with nothing. I stay in jammies all day. This isn't a depressing day but a snip of a vacation for my secret ... read more