I falsely accused my husband of abuse and rape so I could do what I want. He never did anything wrong but that fact that women have suffered so much I felt he owed it to me. I ... read more

Someone once told me "we have no friends in our heads" those inner voices inside our heads rarely if ever have anything good or positive to say to us about us. I know the voices ... read more

I met Noah through a friend and we had hung out a few times. He seemed to like me and I thought he was ok, but I didn't feel romantic towards him. I thought we could be friends ... read more

Sometimes I close my eyes and wonder how people will react if I was no longer here. ... read more

When I was 13, I began cutting. Usually once or twice a week on my legs, they were small cuts with no depth. I thought it was a way of dealing with small things that happened at ... read more

I have been bullied in high school. It's been 12 years and it hurts me. I am still mad at myself for letting people do this to me. I should have talked about it but at that time, I ... read more

I'm guilty of envy. I'm positively green with jealousy over moms with more than one child. I love the one beautiful boy that I have, but I always wanted a couple of children. I'm ... read more

I have a raw secret to share. I didn't even realize I had this secret until I put it into perspective. I am obsessed with trying to be skinny. and i HATE it. I see pictures of tiny ... read more

My Dad passed away recently from Cancer. It all got worse so quickly and I still feel like I didn't get to tell him things - since I was in caregiver mode, taking care of him in ... read more

Up until a year ago my husband and I never planned on having children. It would come up in conversation from time to time but neither of us explored it we just continued on ... read more

I was raped last week. I feel guilty that I let it happen which makes me feel guilty because I feel that it was my fault. I feel guilty that I feel powerless to him and that ... read more


We're pumped to launch our very first #hashtagSOS social media campaign and we’re so excited to invite you to join.   #womenwhoinspirewednesday will be a campaign designed to ... read more

I no longer know who the real me is. I've been hiding myself for so long I don't know how to not fake it. ... read more